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Bachata videos & Bachata DVDs - ballroom dance instruction!

The bachata is sometimes referred to as the "blues music of the Dominican Republic."

DVDs & Dance Videos

Bachata Volume 1: Beginner - Advanced by Joe and Sarah

Bachata Volume 1: Beginner - Advanced

Price: $30.00  •  Length: about 120 minutes
Patterns: 25  •  Instructors: Joe & Sarah

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This DVD shows the hottest moves that are danced in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. This video is nearly two hours in length with twenty-five figures and many variations and combinations. This video starts with the basic step and then takes you through all of the popular and essential bachata figures. Then it moves on to show super hot figures involving dips. The DVD navigation menu takes you right to the start of each step.
Video Preview
Bachata Volume
1: Beginner - Intermediate


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40m26s @56kbps
5m32s @384kbps (DSL)
25m39s @56kbps
3m31s @384kbps (DSL)
13m25s @56kbps
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Video Help

This dance was born in the Dominican Republic and we teach you how to achieve the important Latin body action so that you can dance with true Dominican style. This DVD also contains a “practice without a partner” section where you can practice many of the steps without a partner. Just watch the screen and follow along. As an extra bonus, this DVD includes instruction on the basic steps of merengue and salsa.

About the Instructors: Joe and Sarah are former UCWDC dance competitors.


  • Previews
  • Introduction
  • How to Achieve Cuban Motion
  • Step #1: The basic step
  • 2. The forward/back basic step
  • 3. Movement to open and back to closed
  • 4. Half pivot
  • 5. Clockwise crossbody lead
  • 5a. Clockwise crossbody lead, underturned
  • 5b. Clockwise crossbody lead to open hand hold
  • 6. Counterclockwise crossbody lead
  • 7. Lady’s Hairbrush
  • 8. Leader’s Hairbrush
  • 9. Leader’s head hooks
  • 10. Inside turn and back to closed
  • 11. Eight-count step-tap sequence
  • 11a. Eight-count step-tap sequence in open hand hold
  • Free Spins
  • 12. Inside turns for lady
  • 13. Outside turns for lady
  • 14. Man’s left and right turns
  • 15. Left and right free spins for the lady
  • 15a. Left and right free spins for both leader and follower
  • 15b. Patty cake free spins
  • Combining left and right turns
  • 16. Eight count spot pivot
  • 16b. Eight count spot pivot, standard bachata timing
  • 17. Forward and back in cape (shadow) position
  • 17a. Forward and back in cape (shadow) position with extra turn
  • 18. Dancing in cape (shadow) position with matched footwork
  • 18a. Dancing in skater’s position with matched footwork
  • Combining figures
  • 19. Leader’s right turn and movement to hammerlock
  • 20. Side to side check (balance) step
  • 20a. Forward and back check (balance) step
  • 21. Two additional slow bumps
  • 21a. Four additional fast bumps
  • 22. Roll and pop, eight counts
  • 22a. Hairbrush and roll and pops
  • 23. Easy dip from forward/back check step
  • 24. Easy dip from the basic
  • 25. Roll in dip
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