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Carolina Shag Volume 1, Beginner � Advanced, with Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff

Carolina Shag Volume 1, Beginner � Advanced, with Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff

Price: $30.00
Patterns: more than 20
Instructors: Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff
Production Company: The Dance Store
Length: more than 80 minutes

DVD-video, all regions, 4:3  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

The Carolina Shag is the perfect dance for beach music, oldies, and rhythm and blues. It's easy to learn and can be danced in a variety of social settings, including ballrooms, nightclubs, parties, wedding receptions, and vacation cruises.

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Carolina Shag Volume 1


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Video Help
In this video we start at the very beginning, the very first step. Although this video is suitable for the complete beginner, it has enough material to carry you to an advanced level. In fact, you will be ready to begin competing in shag dance contests if you learn all the patterns and techniques in this video. The instructors, Ricky and Christina, are top shag dance competitors. With twice the content of most instructional videos, this video shows a truckload of figures for social dancing or for competition. This video is the best value for the money that we offer for shag. This video contains all of the most popular and most essential shag dance figures. Mainly developed in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Carolina shag is the official state dance of South Carolina. The Carolina shag is a slotted swing dance similar in many ways to west coast swing and jitterbug. The shag derives from the jitterbug and the Lindy hop, which date to the 1920�s.


  • Twenty figures plus many variations and combinations
  • Great for beginners and for intermediate dancers
  • Great patterns for social dancing or for competition
  • Contains all of the most popular and essential shag figures
  • Detailed close-ups of the footwork shot from behind allow �follow-the-leader� learning
  • Beautiful broadcast quality digital video

              About the Instructors

Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff have extensive dance competition experience. Ricky was the 2004 USA Grand Nationals first place winner in the Junior Shag II division. In 2006, Ricky and Christina were the third place winners in the USA Grand Nationals Junior Shag II division.

              Step List

  1. The basic step
    1. Basic step variation � the crossover basic
    2. Basic step variation � the kick, ball-change
  2. Lady�s underarm turn
    1. Lady�s underarm turn variation � lady�s double turn
  3. Leader�s Turn to the left
    1. Leader�s Turn to the left variation � duck out
  4. Trail (side pass)
    1. Trail (side pass) variation � removing the extra basic
    2. Trail (side pass) variation � lady�s spin to open
  5. Starter step
    1. Starter step variation � lady�s turn to left
    2. Starter step � lady�s tuck turn
  6. Lady�s underarm turn and leader also turns to the left (she goes/he goes)
  7. Movement from open to closed, tuck turn back to open
    1. Movement from open to closed, simple movement back to open
    2. Movement from open to closed, shoulder lead spin back to open
  8. The basic pivot
    1. Pivot with tuck turn to open
    2. Pivot lady�s turn to left to open
  9. Review to music � combining figures

  10. Movement to closed, barrel roll turn back to open
  11. Sugarfoot
  12. The hook
    1. The hook and tuck turn
  13. The stutter step
  14. The Belly Roll
  15. Review to Music � Combining Figures

  16. The Boogie Walk
  17. Combination � lady�s turn and boogie walk into pivot
  18. Combination � lady�s turn into pivot
  19. Leader�s spin
  20. Lady�s spin to left, check, then a spin to the right
  21. Forward lean
  22. The walk up
    1. Walk up variation (with turn)
  23. Review to music � combining figures

    Some final tips

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