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Once you've tried this great Carolina Shag DVD be sure to try the other titles listed on our Carolina Shag DVDs & videos page. And, if you haven't already, watch our free An Introduction to The Carolina Shag.

Carolina Shag Volume 2, Intermediate � Advanced, with Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff

Carolina Shag Volume 2, Intermediate � Advanced, with Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff

Price: $28.00
Patterns: 28
Instructors: Ricky Ward and Christina Woodruff
Production Company: The Dance Store

Only available as an mp4 download file!

If you know the basics of the Carolina Shag, then you are ready for this video. This is a great companion video to our Carolina Shag Volume 1 video. Together they create a great foundation and they capture the most popular and essential figures in the Carolina Shag. The video begins with

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Learn to Dance Salsa Volume 1


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variations on common moves, and then it progresses to cover the most popular and essential intermediate and advanced figures of Carolina Shag. A free slow tempo music track is included at the end to allow you to practice your steps. Twenty-eight figures are shown. A key feature of the video is a section on how to recognize and avoid common problems. Another section discusses tips and strategies for competitors.

              Contents and Step List

    Part 1 – Variations on the Basic Step

  1. Advanced basic 1&2, 3&4, &5, &6.
  2. Triple sweep basic
  3. Part 2 – Variations on Underarm Turns

  4. Drag and step
    1. Man's kick step
    2. Lady's kick step
  5. Underarm turn overturned to trail position
  6. Part 3 – Variation on the Belly Roll

  7. Traveling belly roll
  8. Part 4 – Pivot Variations

  9. Lady�s turn into pivot
  10. Fly back step into pivot
  11. Part 5 – Variations on Open to Closed and Closed to Open

  12. Underarm turn to closed, single turn to left for lady to open
  13. Underarm turn to closed, double turn to left for lady to open
  14. Underarm turn to closed, double tuck turn for lady to open
  15. Closed to closed (Crossbody lead)
  16. Crossbody lead with lady�s turn
  17. Crossbody lead with lady�s turn and leader�s turn
  18. Underarm turn to closed, leader turns 1 � turns to trail position
  19. Closed to open, leader and follower both turn to left
  20. Part 6 – Release Pivots (Whips)

  21. Basic release pivot
  22. Release pivot with single lady�s turn
  23. Release pivot with double lady�s turn
  24. Revolving door into release pivot
  25. Release pivot with leader�s turn out to left
  26. Release pivot with barrel roll ending
  27. Step out pivot (leader�s duck out pivot)
  28. Part 7 – Fancy Footwork and Mirror Steps

  29. The hop
  30. Pretzel footwork pattern
  31. The lean
  32. Man�s lead off of lady�s hip
  33. Kick, kick and boogie walk
    Combination � kick, kick and boogie walk into pivot
  34. Part 8 – Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

    Part 9 – Tips for Competitors

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