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If you like this title but want more Cha Cha dance instruction, please be sure to check out our other two Cha Cha DVDs—Volume 1 (Beginning-Intermediate) and Volume 2 (Intermediate-Advanced).

Cha Cha Volume 3

Price: $30.00 • Length: 97 minutes
Patterns: 28 plus many combinations
Produced by: Joe Baker and The Dance Store LLC
Instructors: Joe, Jamie and Sarah
Style: Leadable intermediate-advanced social dance figures for American style or International style Cha Cha
DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This DVD is not for the beginner. You will need to be familiar with cha cha timing, and with basic figures before starting this video. This is a great companion video to our Cha Cha Volume 1 and Volume 2. This Volume 3 DVD contains a boatload of fun, leadable figures for social dancing or for creating a competition routine. Leadable figures for cha cha are hard to find, but this video contains a ton of them. Also featured are some sexy moves that include dips and sneak ups. Advanced combinations are also shown. Also, a practice music clip is attached at the end of the DVD. Please watch the preview video.

If you are interested in this title, be sure to check out our Cha Cha Special - comprised of all three of our Cha Cha DVDs. This set provides hours of instruction on for hardly more than the cost of a single private lesson!

Step List

Part 1 - Steps 1-11 with Joe and Jamie

1.Adios, 2. Behind the back hand change, 3. Behind the back hand change with extra turn for the lady 4. Natural top and behind the back hand change, 5. Natural top and behind the back hand change with extra turn for the lady, 6. Natural top with spin turn exit for the lady, 7. Natural top with spin whip exit for the lady, 8. Natural top then outside turns for the lady, 9. Natural top with leader's spin out to right, 10. Natural top with leader's spin out to right with extra turn for the lady, 11. Roll in, push off.

Part 2 - Steps 12-20 with Joe and Sarah

12. Roll in, push off with natural top preceding, 13. Natural underarm turn, catch, more natural underarm turns, 14. Shoulder roll turns, roll in, roll out (easy version), 15. Shoulder roll turns, roll in, roll out (advanced version), 16. Roll in, oversway dip, 17. Roll in rag doll dip, 18. Roll in, sneak up, 19. Reverse turn and sneak up, 20. Duck under and sneak up.

Part 3 - Steps 21-28 with Joe and Sarah

21. Adios and syncopated turns, 22. Leader's slip under turn at crossover break, 23. Leader's slip under turn, repeating, 24. Shoulder roll and syncopated turns, 25. Opening out and syncopated turns, Combination #1, 26. Natural top and syncopated turns, 27. Leader's spin out and outside turns, 28. Natural top, spin out, back into top. Combinations 2-6.

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