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American Style Foxtrot Volume 1

American Style Foxtrot Volume 1
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Price: $40.00  •  Length: over 210 minutes
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Figures: 29 plus many combinations
Instructors: John and Phyllis
Production Date: 2008
DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This two-disc set provides a complete, detailed course in American style foxtrot. No prior dance experience is required. The video begins with the very first basic step and slowly builds your skills toward advanced figures and combinations. This two disc set has over 3 Ĺ hours of content and it covers most of the bronze and silver syllabus figures plus much more.

Video Preview
American Style Foxtrot Volume 1


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Video Help
In all, there are 29 figures and many combinations. This video is very detailed. The manís part and the ladyís part are shown both together and separately. A key strength of this video is that we show how many ways to combine and mix the patterns.

Details and Contents and Step List

Disc #1

  1. Forward basic
  2. left rock turn
  3. promenade walk, combining figures 1-3
  4. parallel walk
  5. sway step
  6. grapevine
  7. box step
  8. promenade walk with outside turn
  9. promenade walk with inside (left) turn
  10. promenade pivot
  11. box pattern with underarm turn
  12. change steps forward and back
  13. backward basic, right rock turn, and right turning box pattern, combination of figures

Disc #2

  1. Forward twinkle
  2. back (reverse) twinkle
  3. passing twinkle
  4. promenade pivot turn from twinkle
  5. spiral
  6. crossing twinkle
  7. combination: spiral into crossing twinkle
  8. combination: crossing twinkle into pivot and back twinkle
  9. twist from forward or back twinkle
  10. overturned spiral
  11. open left box pattern
  12. combination: overturned spiral and check, bonus move: two checks back-to-back
  13. combination: overturned spiral, check, reverse oversway
  14. advanced grapevine
  15. promenade twinkle
  16. slip pivot, combinations

About the Instructors

John achieved "gold level" instructor status while teaching for Arthur Murray Dance Studios. He is certified by the prestigious Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.). John is now an independent instructor in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Phyllis is a former model, show choreographer, and ballroom dance competitor. Now a mom, she no longer competes but continues to teach ballroom in the Richmond, Virginia area.

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