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If you're looking for Miami style salsa DVDs we proudly carry the excellent Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa: Part One - Beginners.


My Salsa DVD

By The Dance Store

Price: $44.95  •  Includes Two DVD Set with Free Music CD
Producer: Moshe Raiser
Instructors: Moshe Rasier and Aventura Dance Studios

DVD Only   Discontinued

This two-disc set teaches the New York "On 2" style of salsa. Such instructional discs are hard to find. If you are not familiar with the New York "On 2" style, we advise NOT buying this video set. The "On 2" style is typically danced by advanced dancers who understand well the different beats of the measure.

For those who desire the "On 2" style, this video set is the best on the market. It has two hours of content, it shows all steps in extreme detail (including styling), and it comes with an audio CD that explains the salsa music and counting system. This production is in stunning broadcast quality digital video. The picture-in-picture style allows seeing the steps from multiple angles. The Lady and Man parts are shown in detail separately and then together. It is impossible to find more detail than is shown here. As we said, the "On 2" style is rather difficult, but this video set explains it better than anything else out there.

My Salsa DVD is the beginners handbook and a must have for aspiring dancers who want to learn the "On 2" style. The instructors are excellent dancers and teachers.

NOTE: This is not a DVD designed to teach pattern after pattern. This is a foundation video that covers the fundamentals of New York "On 2" salsa. In all, only twelve steps are shown, but all twelve are very essential.

More about the Bonus CD

This unique educational salsa timing CD will have you dancing on beat with confidence! Salsa timing CD "Deep in the Salsa" will help you learn to listen deep inside the music and understand the difference between dancing salsa on 1 or on 2 in a matter of minutes. First, we builds a salsa song from the ground up, one instrument at a time, describing the sound and purpose of each instrument. The remaining tracks consist of specific clapping exercises designed to isolate single beats and multiple beat patterns, eventually allowing the listener to feel the music on a subconscious level. Topics covered include the instrumentation of a salsa band as well as the role and function of each instrument, finding beats 1 through 8, on 1 clap pattern, on 2 clap pattern, the 2-3 and 3-2 clave, musical breaks for dancers and finding the beat without percussion.

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