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Learn to Dance New York Style Hustle - 3 DVD Set with Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow

Number of DVD Discs: Three
Total Running Time: 155 minutes
Patterns: 30 plus many combinations
Produced by: Billy Fajardo
Instructors: Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow
Style: New York Style

DVD Only  

This three DVD set is a complete course in the New York style hustle from the basic step to advanced figures suitable for competition. No prior dance experience is required. Though suitable for the complete beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers will benefit from the expert styling tips and the extra cool advanced patterns. As with many dances, in the hustle, the key to looking good is in the styling. In these videos, world champions Billy and Katie explain their winning style. As a bonus, a slow practice music clip is provided on disc #2 so that you need not purchase music in order to practice. This classic 3-DVD set is probably the best selling hustle course ever offered. It's also a bargain, now selling at about half the price of a few years ago. The cost is less than the typical cost of one private dance lesson. More than thirty figures are explained. Each breakdown is extremely detailed with styling details explained. The first two videos serve as a syllabus, showing the most important and popular hustle figures - figures that every hustle dancer should master.

Billy and Katie hold the following titles: 1999 United States Hustle Dance Champions, 2000 US Open Swing Cabaret Champions, 2000 IDO World Salsa Silver Medalists, 2000 IDO World Merengue Silver Medalists, 2002 IDO World Cabaret Exhibition Champions, 2002 IDO World Disco Hustle Champions, 2002 NADC Cabaret Champions.

Contents and Step List

Disc #1 - Hustle Technique and Basic Syllabus Figures

1. leader's basic step, 2. follower's basic step, 3. closed dance hold, 4. crossbody lead, 5. crossbody lead to open break, 6. return from open break to closed, 7. lady's clockwise underarm pass to closed, 8. leader's counterclockwise underarm pass to closed, combining patterns, styling tips, 9. crossbody lead to double hand hold, 10. the wheel, 11. lady's "she goes" underarm turn to left, 12. "he goes" turn to left, 13. combination of she goes/he goes turns, 14. cross hand pass, 15. in and out turn (head loop and then back to open), 16. connection exercise, 17. combination of patterns. Wrap up and demo dance.

Disc #2 - More Fundamental Hustle Syllabus Patterns

1. open break to shadow, 2. shadow variations, 3. shadow to lady's forward double free spins to left, 4. New York hustle walk to underarm pass, 5. open New York hustle walk and arm styling, 6. outside double turn to right to closed, 7. sliding doors, front facing position, 8. sliding doors, front to back, 9. sliding doors, front to back with turn, 10. wrap turn, 11a. wrap turn variation "A", wrap in and out, 11b, wrap turn variation "B", right hand outside turn into the wrap, 11c. wrap turn variation "C", dual underarm pass to wrap, 12. illusion turns. Review and combinations. Demo Dance. Practice music clip.

Disc #3 - Advanced Turn Patterns; Five Combinations

1. double hand pass, leader's wrap and spin, lady's pass, shoulder roll turn to lady's wrap turn, back to open. 2. lady's double turn to hammerlock, to wrap turn; behind the back pass to wrap to synchronized free spins to open position, 3. lady's alternating passes to double free spins to right to closed to "diamonds" (toss across/free spins) to open position, 4. leader's double illusion turn circle to right to lady's illusion turn to left to cape position to double free spins for lady to right to open position, 5. double hand shoulder roll to "butterfly" move to illusion turn to double wrist roll to slide over to wrap turn to double outside turn to hip check and then back out to open position. Demo dance.

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