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The rumba is a slow, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation. Many of the basic figures of the dance have a "tease and run" theme in which the lady first flirts with and then rejects her partner. The sexual overtures can be very aggressive. The Rumba spotlights the lady and in particular her rhythmic body action and her sexuality. The slow Latin beat, the rhythmic body and hip action, and the steamy tease and run figures result in routines that can be close to X-rated. In addition to our Rumba DVD below —available in DVD format —you'll find many numbers to practice to in our line of Dance Music CD's.

DVDs & Dance Videos

Tango Volume 1 – Beginner-Intermediate American Style Tango with John and Phyllis

Rumba Volume 1: Beginner–Intermediate (Two Disc Set)

Price: $35.00  • Length: over 2 1/2 hours
Patterns: more than 35  •  Instructors: Joe & Sarah

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This two disc DVD set contains over 2 ½ hours of instruction and more than 35 figures. It includes both American style figures and international style figures. This DVD set is fully suitable for the complete beginner but it goes on to show a boatload of intermediate figures. There is enough material to develop a complete dance routine. We also included a bunch of cool and sexy figures, involving dips and sweeps. In addition, we teach you how to develop the Latin body action, which is critical for making the dance look great. This DVD set also shows examples of how to combine the figures. This is an extremely popular DVDs set and it's an outstanding value. The advanced DVD navigation system takes you straight to the figure you wish to learn. All steps are numbered and titled.


Disc #1 (Beginner American style figures)
Previews, Introduction to Rumba, 1) Side Basic, How to Count the Music, Step Timing, Cuban Motion, 2) Back Breaks (5 th Position Breaks), 2a) Variation, 3) Box Step, 3a) Box Step Variation, 4) Crossbody Lead, 5) Alternate Basic, 6) Alternate Crossbody Lead, 7) Crossover Breaks (New Yorkers), 7a) Variation, 8) Spot Turns, Variations, Combining Figures, Bonus Move #1: Open Break and Natural Underarm Turn, Bonus Move #2: She Goes/He Goes, Bonus Move #3: She Goes/He Goes Left.

Disc #2 (Intermediate figures and International style figures)
Introduction to Part 2, Counting the Step Timing, Step #9: Swivels, 10) Chase, 11) Easy Spot Turn, 12) Alemana Turn, 13) Closed Hip Twist, 14) Hockey Stick, 15) Open Hip Twist, 16) Spiral, 17) Hockey Stick Overturned, 18) Three Walks, 19) Natural Top, 20) Rope Spinning, 21) Toss Across, 22) Parallel Rocks in Cape, 23) Circular Hip Twist, 24) Turkish Towel, 25) Turnstile, 26) Hockey Stick Overturned with Extra Turn, 27) Oversway (Dip), 28) Rag Doll, 29) Quick Turn, 30) Outside Turns, 31) Lunge, 32) Shoulder Rolls, 33) Bow Tie, 34) Three Strut Walks, 35) Natural Top/Check/Natural Top.

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