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If you are looking for East Coast Swing DVDs or videos, please be sure to check out our great East Coast Volume 1 title.


West Coast Swing Volume 2

By The Dance Store

Price: $40.00  • Length: 2 hours
Patterns: over 60  •  Instructors: Joe & Sarah
Available in DVD format only.

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This two hour DVD is completely packed with more than 60 patterns. This is twice the content of most videos! Please look at the previews to see some of the cool moves. This video builds directly on volume 1, showing popular and essential figures for west coast swing dancers. In addition it shows some cool and sexy moves. Included are 1) many patterns that

involve swivels for
Video Preview
West Coast Swing Volume 2


Windows Media
38m11s @56kbps
5m14s @384kbps (DSL)

32m12s @56kbps
4m24s @384kbps (DSL)

27m27s @56kbps
3m45s @384kbps (DSL)
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the lady, 2) a boatload of patterns than have tunnels and quick tunnels, 3) many patterns that show you how to hit breaks or stops in the music, and 4) a boatload of whip combination figures, some easy, some long and intricate. We also show how to chain the figures together to build a nice routine. Compared to other West Coast Swing DVDs on the market this one is an incredible bargain, containing a menu with a chapter for each figure.

If you are interested in this title be sure to check out our West Coast Swing Special. With it you'll get both of our Volume 1 and Volume 2 West Coast Swing DVDs for less than the price of a private lesson!

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